Injections in La Quinta CA

Injections in La Quinta CA

Trigger Point Injections
Trigger points cause pain in muscles but also decrease the range of motion in your muscles. Decreasing your pain is important, but releasing trigger points is an essential for full functional improvement.

Trigger points will feel like a knot in your muscle and are often sensitive to the touch. By releasing these tight, tender knots your muscles will finally be able to relax which will lengthen the shortened muscle.

They will develop when a muscle has had prolonged stress or from an injury to the muscle and will never go away on their own. Massage helps, but using a small amount of a natural anti-inflammatory injected into the muscle will dissolve it from the inside-out.

Joint Injections

Physical therapy and chiropractic are great for treating joint dysfunctions but once a joint is inflamed it can make a joint injury slow to heal. Treating the joint inflammation systemically with medication or herbs helps but our trained medical staff will use a diagnostic ultrasound and digital x-ray to determine the exact area to inject the medication to decrease inflammation.

There are a variety of products that can be used that range from cortisone to natural plant based anti-inflammatories to stem cell injections that we utilize.

Eliminating the joint pain is one of the first priorities we have when treating your type of pain and dysfunction.

Viscosupplementation Therapy

One serious situation that can occur within joints is the loss of the vital internal lubrication between the parts. Joints essentially operate as living hinges and rely on the moving parts being able to smoothly slide past each other. When this lucubration is missing, damage occurs at the points of contact. Some patients describe this as a “bone on bone” sensation.

Viscosupplementation therapy uses a specialized and natural joint replacement fluid called hyaluronan. By reintroducing lubricating fluid into the joint, smoother operation is often the result. This then allows the joint to begin to heal itself, naturally.

There are very few if any side effects from hyaluronan as it is virtually identical to the original joint fluid.

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